Summer courses for conference interpreters – 2019

Dear colleagues,

Summer break is finally becoming a reality and there isn’t better opportunity to hone our interpreting and/or language skills than joining one of the summer courses for interpreters!

Below you’ll find a list of suggestions and feedback of previous attendees. Please feel free to complete our list with your recommendations.

Enjoy the reading!

Interpreting practice

CCIC: The Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course (CCIC)

CCIC has run annually since 1985. It is a unique, high-level, specialised training course carefully tailored to the needs of experienced practising conference interpreters. The Course is run by Christopher Guichot de Fortis, staff Senior Interpreter at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, and Julia Poger, freelance interpreter. The CCIC format is at once intensive yet relaxed, and demanding yet friendly.  Practical info: link, August 4th- August 16th 2019, working language for this session: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian. Here is a quote from a previous student and IBPG guest, Tatiana Kaplun, RU,EN,FR, 2015.  Federica Mamini also attended the CCIC course and she would highly recommend it:)

Advanced Sim training module

University of Manchester (MA Conference Interpreting) 4 weeks of advanced simultaneous interpreting for MA students, open to external participants. The training includes language-specific simultaneous classes, seminars on skills and the profession, visits from key employers and AIIC, interpreted talks from expert speakers etc., as well as timetabled student-led activities. The module may be of interest to colleagues working on new directions or newly qualified interpreters looking for some extra practice and feedback. This year the following language combinations are definitely running:  Fr<>En, Es<>En, De<>En, Ru<>En and Zh<>En. Practical info: The module runs from 10 June to 5 July, fee: £825 per attendee. (Please note, this is not a intensive short course as offered elsewhere but an integral part of our MA training.) If interested, please contact Deadline: 24 May 2019

WISE Interpreting Workshops:

One week professional development course for conference interpreters held every summer (July or August) in Brussels (KULeuven University) and Valencia (Universidad Europea de Valencia). This course aims to promote practice and skills exchange among professional interpreters that are active in the market. It works on a mutual beneficial basis: participants bring speeches, have the opportunity to practice and give each other feedback. The main languages are EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, NL and participants have the opportunity to practice their retour or concentrate on a particular language combination.  Practical info: Applications close on Monday 29 April 2019. WISE Valencia I: 8 – 12 July WISE Valencia II: 15 – 19 July WISE Brussels: 26 – 30 August. If you would like to participate, please fill out the following form here.

Leeds EN IT Practice Session

29 July- 2 August 2019 in Leeds (UK). Peer-to-peer practice week for those working between English and Italian. Open to EN A and IT A interpreters, with a few spots for other A languages. Particularly indicated for those wishing to add Italian as a working language, improve their retour into Italian or English, and network with other like-minded professionals.  Practical info: applications close on 29th March 2019. More information can be found here:   To apply, please fill in this form:

Course to strengthen conference interpreting skills – Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona  

A 2-week intensive course (July 8-18, 2019) to strengthen conference interpreting skills for MA students or recent graduates who have at least two of the following language combinations: EN>ES, FR>ES, DE>ES or ES>EN. The different sessions will be given by different professional interpreters, most of whom belong to AIB (Agrupación de Intérpetes de Barcelona) and AIIC, and will be focused on specific topics. Participants will have the chance to polish and practice both their consecutive and their simultaneous interpreting. The main language combination will be EN>ES and time will be assigned to the rest (FR>ES, DE>ES, ES>EN) depending on the profile of the students enrolled. Practical info: or send an email at

Interpreting course DE>ES/EN – University of La Laguna 

Are you a Spanish or English booth interpreter seeking to consolidate your German C?

The University of La Laguna and the Masters in Conference Interpreting (MIC) offer an interpreting course for Spanish and English booth interpreters who wish to strengthen their German C. An intensive and practical course which focuses on German as a C language, it is designed for those who are looking for a refresher or are aiming to improve their interpreting skills from German into English or Spanish.  This practice-based course is taught by interpreters with long standing experience in both of these language combinations. Participants will enjoy expert feedback from AIIC interpreters and interpreters accredited by the European Institutions. In addition to its central focus on interpreting technique from DE>ES and DE>EN, the course will also revolve around a series of thematic axes – discussing issues of historical and contemporary interest. Participants will have the opportunity to prepare for these sessions beforehand.

Practical Information: MIC interpreting facilities, University of La Laguna, La Laguna, Tenerife. 9-13 September (both included) from 9:00-18:00. 750€. For further information please contact:



Adding FR C/B: Cours pour interprètes

28 leçons de 45mn / semaine. Vous êtes interprète au sein d’une institution européenne ou de tout autre organisme. Vous voulez ajouter le français à vos langues de travail ou améliorer vos performances linguistiques ? Ce cours est pour vous ! Spécialement centré sur vos besoins professionnels, il privilégie les activités de compréhension orale et d’approfondissement du lexique spécialisé (agriculture, politique, médecine, environnement, sécurité etc…). Mais toute langue est aussi culture et le cours a également pour but de vous aider à mieux comprendre les réalités de la société française et du monde francophone. Practical infoMediterranez-vous, Montpellier, 29 juillet-9 août 2019 ; 19-30 août 2019

Stage de français pour interprètes.

Objectif du stage : élargir vos connaissances de la France d’un point de vue politique, administratif, institutionnel, social et culturel; revoir certains aspects de l’histoire contemporaine de 1945 à nos jours, un vrai regard sur la France et le monde francophone d’aujourd’hui. Travail à partir de documents audio, vidéo et support presse et au travers de visites sur site. Les cours sont basés sur un véritable échange avec votre professeur. Practical info: Link pour consulter le planning 2019


AIIC Deutschland: Die Deutsche Angst und der Hang zur Stabilität

Das Seminar wird hauptsächlich für Kolleginnen und Kollegen mit Deutsch als B-oder C-Sprache organisiert. Deutsche Muttersprachler sind ebenfalls herzlich willkommen.  Seminargebühr:
Bis zum 15.5.2019:
AIIC-Mitglieder € 950.-. Nicht
AIIC-Mitglieder: €1.050.-
Anmeldeschluss: 15.05.2019  Practical info: link 

Deutsch für Konferenzdolmetscher, Germersheim.

Dieser Kurs richtet sich einerseits an frisch graduierte Konferenzdolmetscher/innen mit bis zu 5 Jahren Berufserfahrung. Außerdem sollen auch erfahrene Dolmetscher/innen angesprochen werden, die bisher noch wenig mit Deutsch als Passivsprache gearbeitet haben. Die Dolmetschübungen finden in einer “gemischten Gruppe” statt. In dieser Gruppe dolmetschen die Teilnehmer/innen verschiedener Sprachen unter Anleitung erfahrener Dozierender aus dem Deutschen in Ihre jeweilige A-Sprache. Die ISG setzt dabei abwechselnd Dolmetschdozenten ein, die die im Kurs vorhandenen A-Sprachen abdecken.  Practical info: 19.08.2019 – 24.08.2019, Anreise am 18.08.2019, Abreise am 25.08.2019 Telefon: +49 7274 / 50835518 E-Mail: Link

Sommerkurs Heidelberg:

In diesem Kurs verbinden Sie intensives Deutschlernen am Vormittag mit einem abwechslungsreichen Freizeit- und Sportprogramm. 2 Wochen, 10 Unterrichtstage 40 UE (Unterrichtseinheiten à 45 Minuten), 20 UE pro Woche, max. 16 Teilnehme. 04-17.08.2019 / 18.08-31.08.2019 Niveau A1..C1; Practical info: Goethe Institut link to register, Buchungsformular

Sommerkurs Freiburg, Deutsch für Wirtschafts und Arbeitsleben/Deutsche Sprache und Kultur

Abwechslungsreiche Konversationsübungen und Diskussionen, aktuelle Hör- und Lesetexte, eine an Ihren Interessen orientierte Themenauswahl in Verbindung mit modernem und praxisbezogenem Grammatiktraining. Practical info: link


Dutch Language and Culture for Interpreters and Translators:

This intensive one-week course is especially designed for interpreters and translators. The course focuses on general Dutch language, culture and contemporary issues in Dutch society. The goal of the course is upgrading the interpreters’ passive knowledge of Dutch through lectures on topical issues, as well as improving their active command of the Dutch language (C-level). Practical info: Link, 12-16 August 2019

Here is the feedback given by our former admin Victoria Hecq:

Course for interpreters:
The Babel course for interpreters lasts a week and is more of a series of small conferences than a language course as such. Different people come give presentations about their job or their specialty in the morning and the afternoon is used to debrief the presentations, discuss vocabulary, clarify what remains unclear and prepare the next day. Topics include nature, the organization of land and water (as you know, Dutch people are a bit of experts in water management), art (and famous Dutch artist Mondriaan – including a field trip to the Mondriaan Huis in Amersfoort), the Dutch social system and education system, Dutch politics (with a tour of the Gemeentehuis). The participants can choose to be as active or passive as they like and the atmosphere is very good, casual yet professional (yes, pretty much everyone is a EU interpreter!). The amount of vocabulary gathered during the week is enormous. This course truly allows you to gain valuable insight into the functioning of the Netherlands and to get used to the Dutch accent, which you will hear all day every day.

Language courses:
Babel also offers a variety of language courses during the summer, but this time it is an actual language course that can last up to four weeks, usually half-days, with about fifteen medestudenten and a textbook. There are different levels available but whichever you choose, there is a chance that it will be a bit too slow for you, language professionals! However, it is my believe that you can make a course as intensive as you like by going the extra mile and putting more efforts into your (many, many) homework. An excellent way to go over the grammar one last time and build up vocabulary.


Short Courses for Conference Interpreters with English B. 

The courses provide opportunities for colleagues to work on their B in a practical, supportive environment. Practical info: The courses will take place in central London, August 19-24 and 26-31. The fees are £1250.00 (which will cover tuition, not accommodation). If interested,  please send an email to Christine Adams (member AIIC):  or Zoë Hewetson (member AIIC):

Applied English, translation and interpreting summer school

Our Applied English and Interpreting course focuses on strengthening linguistic skills, enhancing awareness of British culture and society, as well as practical interpreting skills. The first week of the course will focus translation, the second week on English language and culture, and the third and fourth weeks on practical interpreting skills. Practical info: 29th July – 23rd August 2019, link to the website.


Curso de Español para Intérpretes Profesionales – Universidad de La Laguna

Dirigido a intérpretes que desean perfeccionar la lengua española en C o en B. El curso consta de 60 horas lectivas, complementadas con actividades de ocio, que se reparten en doce días. Practical info: plazas: mínimo 11, máximo 20. Precio del curso: 1180€, 22 julio-2 agosto Link

Curso especializado para intérpretes de conferencias:

El curso está especialmente diseñado para los profesionales de la interpretación que deseen profundizar su conocimiento de la lengua, la cultura y la actualidad de España. Practical info: Los/las intérpretes interesados en participar en el curso tienen que enviar un mail dirigido a Danielle Gree: Fechas: 20-28 julio 2019, 980€ para miembros de AIIC y/o TAALS (1400€ para no-miembros), incluyendo la visita a un lugar destacado de Cataluña en el que se realizará in situ la sesión de trabajo.  

Curso de lengua española con experiencias didácticas

El curso, que se realizará en Valencia, está enfocado para interpretes, traductores, filólogos y otros profesionales que busquen el perfeccionamiento de la lengua española, la actualización de conocimientos políticos, técnicos y culturales. Practical info: Precio 700€ Fecha límite de inscripción: 15/05/2019. Desde el 22 al 26 de julio de 2019. Horario lectivo de 09:00 a 16:00 Link (This is the first edition)



Pontile Sud: corso di italiano per stranieri

Questo corso, costruito secondo una formula differente rispetto al refresher, è dedicato a interpreti e traduttori di livello medio-avanzato (B2-C1), che hanno già l’italiano nella loro combinazione linguistica o intendono aggiungerlo nel prossimo futuro. Sessioni estate 2019:  Mantova, 15-20 luglio, 22-27 luglio 2019; Malcesine: 29 luglio-3 agosto, 5-10 agosto 2019. Per maggiori informazionipotete consultare il sito internet.

Corsi di italiano per stranieri

Ecco una lista di altri corsi forniti da enti o Università in Italia.

Corso di italiano lingua C per interpreti di conferenza

Il corso è volto a rafforzare le competenze linguistiche in italiano di interpreti di conferenza professionisti che desiderino aggiungere l’italiano alle loro lingue di lavoro passive. L’iter formativo si rivolge esclusivamente a interpreti di conferenza già formati che padroneggino le tecniche di interpretazione simultanea e consecutiva e con un livello minimo di italiano B2. Info pratiche: dal 6 al 17 maggio 2019. Per iscriversi usare questo link.  

Corsi di italiano specializzati

II corsi di lingua italiana per specializzazioni nel campo del lavoro o che trattano materie specifiche vengono offerti come lezioni individuali, dove l’insegnante preparerà le lezioni in base alle Sue richieste e necessità. Pertanto Lei potrà prenotare sia lezioni individuali, per esempio 10 ore a settimana, oppure il corso intensivo 20+6 che sarebbe una combinazione tra uno corso standard di gruppo 4×5 e 2 ore di lezioni individuali 3 volte a settimana. Il corso di gruppo segue sempre il programma standard, mentre durante le lezioni individuali è possibile trattare materie specifiche idonee alla propria specializzazione. Info pratiche: link alla date

Italiano giuridico

Il corso vuole stimolare nello studente l’apprendimento attivo di alcune nozioni fondamentali del sistema giuridico italiano. Gli istituti giuridici trattati riguardano prevalentemente il diritto privato, il diritto penale e il diritto costituzionale. Info pratiche: link 

Italiano per l’economia

Nell’ambito dei corsi di lingua italiana, l’Università per Stranieri di Siena propone un corso dedicato all’italiano per l’economia e il made in Italy. Partendo da una formazione linguistica di base, gli studenti avranno la possibilità di sviluppare il linguaggio settoriale dell’economia e le principali tematiche culturali che caratterizzano l’economia italiana nel mondo, tra cui il Made in Italy. Info pratiche: 2-31 agosto/5-30 settembre/ (80 ore) oppure 2-12 agosto/22-31 agosto/5-16 settembre/19-30 settembre (40 ore), link

DISCLAIMER: This is a list of courses recommend and/or suggested by conference interpreters. However, we can not vouch for them. 

Enjoy your summer!

IBPG admins

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