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Summer courses for conference interpreters – 2019

Dear colleagues, Summer break is finally becoming a reality and there isn’t better opportunity to hone our interpreting and/or language skills than joining one of the summer courses for interpreters! Below you’ll find a list of suggestions and feedback of previous attendees. Please feel free to complete our list with your recommendations. Enjoy the reading! […]

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IBPG 25.11.15_EN Mock Council

Discover one the most fun speeches we have had so far, thanks to the fairly accurate imitation of a Council meeting by one of our talented members! There will be numbers, technical terms, foreign accents and a coffee break. This is almost too real!  

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Chris’ birthday

Our beloved mentor, Chris, turned 60! Happy birthday, Chris!! Chris has been mentoring young interpreters for years, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we are lucky to have him! He and Julia have been helping interpreting students get started, they taught us all the ropes that are not taught in schools […]

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